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Christie Rains 

Rider Makeover and Cowboy Dressage

June 10-14 2020

Rider Makeover 6/10-11/2020

Cowboy Dressage 6/12-14/2020 clinic


Christi Rains 4 Star Parelli Senior Instructor will be back at Kozy Manor this summer. Join Christi Rains, 4 Star Parelli Instructor to learn how to prepare for the Liberty Division of Cowboy Dressage. Learn the proper Biomechanics to develop good posture in the horse and rider for soundness, comfort and top performance. Cowboy Dressage is one of the fastest growing Equine Sports. Come learn Cowboy Dressage the Parelli way, have some fun, see old friends and meet new friends.


Please contact Bill Avery for more information and holding your place. Phone 360-601-5040

Jul 20 at 9 AM – Jul 24 at 4 PM

Kristi Smith - Kozy Manor Camp 2020

   Hosted by Goose Creek Stables and Kozy-Manor Stables

kristi s.jpg

We are pleased to announce that Kristi Smith will be coming back to the Northwest again this summer, so this is definitely one camp that you want invest in for you and your horsemanship!

Kristi's goal as a Parelli Professional is to help raise the level of horsemanship worldwide to make the world a better place for horses and the people who love them. The Parelli program helps to do that by giving 4 distinct areas of study known as "savvys" to help learn the language of horses. A commitment to never-ending self-improvement compels us to put the relationship first with both our students and horses.

Kristi will be providing comprehensive training and supporting folks looking to achieve level 4. As a regular instructor on campus, Kristi has the ability to help folks with a wide range of skills. The camp takes place July 20th through July 24th, and you can register for either three days or the full 5 days of the camp. Immersion is the BEST way to ACCELERATE your results!

For more information on the cost of the camp and to reserve your spot. email

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